Hard To Believe…

If there is one thing I never thought I would see, it is the renovation/restoartion of the Ransom Gillis House at 205 Alfred. Built in 1876, it was designed by architects Brush & Mason.

Here are some recent pictures of the home.

August 2002:

(What ever happened to the street signs? As you can see they’ve been missing for a few years)

June 2003:

July 2003:

August 2005:

January 2006:

March 2006:

It is just amazing to see the progress in Brush Park. While there are still some losses, this is a big victory. I can’t wait to watch this one progress.

There is an interesting website with some history here.

2 Comments on Hard To Believe…

  1. You were asking where the street signs went…

    John Kossik’s photos at 63alfred.com show that they were replaced with new ones at the SE corner.

  2. Don’t count it a victory yet. It still stands today (whenever the latest Google Maps Image was taken, I’d guess 2010) in the exact same state it was in the last picture.

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