Not Done Yet

Here’s a quick visit to Detroit’s Brush Park. While there is still a lot of rehab, restoration and new construction going on, there are stil a few homes that need some “work”. Here’s a few of what’s left..

Heading inside

So it was back to Seminole yesterday, and inside the sub-station (which was featured on the 13th), where I met with someone from Enwin who graciously allowed me inside to photograph the building. Inside the front door, looking towards the front room. The original lights are still there. Great wrought …

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Classic Airliner

Pictured above is a super stretch Convair 5800. A 5800 is a CV-580 that has an extra 14 feet of fueselage added to it. That old bird started life as a CV-340 (a 580 is a modification to Turboprops) way back in 1953. Photo taken at the Windsor Airport.