WINDSOR THEN & NOW – Photo Du Jour – 09/16/2005

This week’s Photo Du Jour’s will feature a series of “Then and Now” shots from old post cards to how that scene looks today. This scene is the intersection of Ouellette Ave. & Park St. near the Tunnel Exit. Built in the early 1960’s the Seaway Inn was constructed on land that had been vacant since 1928 when the Tunnel was built. Today the hotel is a Ramada, covered in stucco and is still ugly.


  1. Jay Thompson Ricard

    anyone know the name of the downstairs bar at the Seaway Inn when it was a disco?

  2. Now the hotel is owned by Holiday Inn and they painted the stucco a putrid shade of baby barf yellow.

  3. I believe that the downstairs bar was called the Sentry Lounge or something similar.

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